I imagine that my opinion will be lost in the flood of posts about gaza but I feel personally obliged to make a mark, even a tiny one, to show that this is terrible. What hurts the most is not only the death but the casual blindness to the suffring of these people which is shown by some of my friends and peers. They watch the news and feel the terrible injustice. Then the TV turns off and as quickly, they forget or ignore that the dying is happening right now. This moment. The distance between us and the horror should not diminish it.
There is so much more I feel about this but there are no words. There is nothing intelligent to say about massacre.
I dont pray often but im praying now.


I just can’t any longer. I’m so so disgusted. 718 Palestinians dead. 718. They are not just numbers. They were human beings with lifes,dreams and people who loved them. Ripped out from life. And everyone continues as if it’s just a number increasing, as if IT’S NORMAL.AS IF IT’S SOMETHING YOU GET USED TO. WHAT ELSE HAS TO HAPPEN? How many have to die so they could at least get the attention the 3 dead settlers did?